About Me


Hello there lovely people! My name is Jess and I’m a 27 year old film student from Australia. I’ve just finished my Creative Arts degree of six years with an Honours thesis on the Noir films of Joan Crawford. I have a crazy passionate obsession with Classic Hollywood and all things vintage. I hope you enjoy my posts!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi I just randomly stumbled on your blog. Am totally obsessed with Joan Crawford and have seen almost all of her sound films! I also own a very good copy of ‘Letty Lynton’, so yes it is possible to find this film in not terrible condition! The lawsuit will expire in 2020 so hopefully at that point a digitally remastered copy can be released!


  2. Hi Jess, is is possible to subscribe to your blog and get posts via email? I’ve clicked the ‘follow’ button and it now says ‘following’ but where do I find new posts? I love your story! I also found classic films too via my mum who was watching them late at night on telly as she waited up for me to come home after being out (as a teenager) on Friday and Saturday nights. There used to be a show called ‘Bill Collins Hollywood’ on late on those two nights and that’s how I found so many classic/vintage films I love now. I’d come in intending to just say ‘hi’ and go to bed but started joining mum on the lounge to watch the old films. As you know you start watching for 5 mins and then you are hooked! Found your website via the Rosalind Russell fan FB page.Anyway….can I get new posts via email?


    1. Hi there! Oh I’m so glad you like my blog enough to want to follow! I’m still getting it up and running and working out the kinks but I’ve just added a follow via email option so YES you can now receive email notifications of new posts. Yay! And it’s so cool you have a similar story to mine. I remember ‘Bill Collin’s Hollywood’ well and to my knowledge, he still has a show on Foxtel. His passion for the Classics really shows. Thanks so much for your interest! It means a lot =)


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